Ordination Programs Entrance Requirements

1. All applicants for a program leading to Ordination must be Jewish according to the following definition: Either the biological mother of the applicant is matrilineally Jewish, or the applicant has undergone conversion through a bona fide Beit Din with tevilah and milah or hatafat dam brit, as appropriate.

The spouse or life partner of an applicant to a program leading to Ordination must also be Jewish. It is the conviction of the Academy that this requirement enables our students and our graduates to serve the widest spectrum of the Jewish community as leaders and as exemplars of Jewish life.

2. Applicants must hold a B.A., B.S. or B.F.A. from an accredited college or university.

3. Applicants must pass a Hebrew Qualifying Test. This test measures the students’ Hebrew language skills in modern Hebrew, siddur and Humash. Details and guidance on preparation are available from the Dean of Admissions.

4. Applicants to the Cantorial Program should have had some formal training in music. This is described in the application materials. They should have pleasing voices, with evidence of the training appropriate to a vocal professional. The Entrance Examination for the Cantorial program will include a section on harmony and music theory.

5. Applicants must demonstrate commitment to Jewish religious life and have the potential to become a religious leader of the Jewish people.