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Matriculating students taking a minimum of 8 credits per semester may apply for a Financial Aid Package worth up to 25% of tuition, rounded to the nearest $5. This formula is based upon need – as determined by the student and confirmed with the Financial Aid Committee. Financial aid is not available for fees or tuition for Private Study. The Financial Aid committee will consider awarding aid to a student enrolled for fewer than 8 credits under exigent circumstances if there are sufficient funds available.

A Financial Aid Package may consist of a scholarship, interest-free loan, or a combination of scholarship and interest-free loan. All interest-free loans are expected to be repaid within a maximum period of four years after Ordination. Students will be expected to repay the loan at a minimum rate of $125 per month, beginning three months after leaving the Academy. Payments will be due by the 8th of each month. Payments received after this date will be subject to a late fee of $25. Special consideration will be given in situations of financial hardship. Loans to students who withdraw from the school are due upon withdrawal.

The Academy, with the agreement of the President of the Alumni Association, reserves the right to raise the annual rate of repayment. Students will be asked to sign a commitment to repay loans in accordance with these guidelines. Students and alumni will receive a statement at the end of each academic year showing the total amount of the loan that has been extended, payments received and the balance that remains to be paid.

The HEGIS Code (Higher Education General Information Survey) for the Academy for Jewish Religion is 2299.00. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student’s eligibility for certain student aid awards.

To apply, click here for the Financial Aid application.  You will be directed to Populi login to access the financial aid application.