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Parashat Mishpatim, 5778

February 8, 2018 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

A D’var Torah for Mishpatim by, Cantor Sandy Horowitz, ’14 Parashat Mishpatim contains over fifty laws covering a range of subjects, which are related to the Israelite people by God through Moses. Having just received the ten commandments in the previous … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 22, 2017 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

From Sanctity to Social Justice: The Message of Mishpatim By Len Levin “And these are the judicial rules that you shall set before them.” (Exodus 21:1) Last week, God’s majesty was revealed in thunder and smoke, proclaiming the cardinal rules … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 4, 2016 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

by Rabbi Isaac Mann One of my favorite derashot (homiletical interpretations) is one that is found in this week’s Torah portion in connection with the mitzvah of lending money to those in need. The Torah writes (Ex. 22:24) — “If … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 11, 2015 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

by Rabbi Michael Pitkowsky In his comments on this week’s parashah, Yeshayu Leibowitz pointed out an interesting comment by the Gaon of Vilna on Exodus 21:5-6. But if the slave declares, “I love my master, and my wife and children: … Continue reading »



February 13, 2014 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

Parashat Mishpatim Hazzan Marcia Lane Not in Heaven  In the Talmud, Bava Metzia 58b-59b, there is a famous story of a discussion concerning the kashrut, the ritual purity, of an oven. The majority of rabbis rule in one direction, but Rabbi Eliezer … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 6, 2013 | Filed in: Bamidbar, Divrei Torah

By Rabbi Judith Edelstein In this week’s parashah, Mishpatim, “Laws,” we have plummeted from the terse, but exalted proclamation of the Ten Commandments in last week’s reading, Yitro, to the nitty gritty details of everyday life. This section, often referred … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 16, 2012 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, News, Shmot

Getting by with a Little Help from our Friends By Rabbi Peggy Berman de Prophetis Parashat Mishpatim presents us with information overload-rules, rules, and more rules. And even though the Israelites promise that “all that the Lord has spoken we … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

January 26, 2011 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

This week I have mid-terms. Oh, no-wait. Not me. I meant my son has mid-terms this week. Not sure what I was thinking . . . except that any time my 13-year-old son has heavy testing, I seem to get … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 10, 2010 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

By Rabbi/Cantor Anne Heath In Parashat Mishpatim we reach the pivot point of the Book of Exodus. Until now we have been engaged with the exciting history of our ancestors’ release from slavery in Egypt and the subsequent revelation at … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 18, 2009 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

Enid C. Lader In last week’s Torah portion, we were commanded to “Honor your father and your mother…” [Ex. 20:12] As we recall the mitzvah, we usually stop with these six (in English; five in Hebrew) words. But, wait; there’s … Continue reading »