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Parashat Beha’alotekha

June 12, 2020 | Filed in: Bamidbar, Divrei Torah

God Expands the Torah A D’var Torah for Rarashat Beha’alotekha By Rabbi Irwin Huberman (’11) Can we incorporate within our personal theology a divine and all-knowing God, who agrees to change the laws of Torah upon human request? It’s an … Continue reading »


Parashat Beha’alotekha 5779

June 21, 2019 | Filed in: Bamidbar, Divrei Torah

Lighting Us Up: Theology, Pluralism and Becoming the Menorah A D’var Torah for Parashat Beha’alotekha By Rabbi David Markus What does God need of our spirituality, what do we need of it, and how do we know? These questions cast … Continue reading »