G’vanim: The Journal of the Academy for Jewish Religion

In 2005, under the editorial direction of Rabbi Bernard Zlo­towitz, the Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR) launched the first volume of G’vanim: The Academic Journal of the Academy for Jewish Religion. Rabbi Zlotowitz envisioned a forum for scholarly and popular articles, as well as more traditional compositions, that consider Judaism in all of its facets from a rigorous and sincere perspective. After nearly a decade of regular publication, the journal was temporarily suspended in order to dedicate effort to the creation of a book-length collection of articles revolving around pluralism. The fruits of this labor resulted in the publication of Studies in Judaism and Pluralism: Honoring the 60th Anniversary of the Academy for Jewish Religion in 2015, edited by AJR faculty member Dr. Len Levin.

It is with great excitement that AJR resumes production and dissemination of G’vanim as an online journal dedicated to academic engagement with the past, present, and future of Judaism. In order to provide a wide array of approaches, the journal seeks contributions from established scholars, graduate students, as well as knowledgeable religious leaders and laity. The diversity of voices represented speaks to the institutions foundational value of, and emphasis on, pluralism. Through this publication, AJR strives to further one of its core institutional goals of serving the Jewish community and providing knowledge of Jews and Judaism to the general community.

Volume 11 (2020-2021)
Volume 10 (2019)
Volume 9 (2014)
Volume 8 (2012)
Volume 7 (2011)
Volume 6 (2010)
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Volume 2 (2006)
Volume 1 (2005)