AJR's community of learners.

The AJR Student Association is a student-run organization dedicated to supporting the spiritual, emotional, educational, professional, and physical needs of AJR students. An integral part of AJR, the Student Association (SA) is comprised of matriculated rabbinical, cantorial, and graduate students. Representatives from the Student Association liaise with the school administration and the Board of Trustees to ensure that student voices are well-represented at AJR.

The SA meets monthly during lunch time on rotating days of the week and is governed by an elected slate of officers drawn from the cantorial, rabbinical, and graduate programs. Each student is asked to pay annual dues, which provide funds for the SA to sponsor community-building events throughout the year. Please be in touch with the student association if you have ideas about how to support student needs at AJR. Our SA officers are here to help! Below, please find a contact list of this year’s SA officers:

President: Rachel Posner

Vice President: Sara Birnbaum

Secretary: Steven Goldstein

Cantorial Liaison: Kelly Onickel

Rabbinic Liaison: Michael McCloskey

AJR Student Rep to the Board: Nicole Goluboff

Treasurer: Mitchell Blank

Digital Learning and Programming Representattive: Wendy Love Anderson

GemaCH (Student News) & Listserve Coordinator: Chaimo Landas